The Power of Linux KVM VPS

What hosting company do I go with? What plan should I choose? Is Shared hosting fine? Or should I go with VPS?
If you ever wanted to go online with your business, whatever that business might be, you almost certainly have asked yourself these questions and then you ended up searching for your “PERFECT” hosting for days, maybe even weeks, just to realize that you have made a mistake.

Now what? Find another one, backup the website and then move it to a new host, point domain to new IP or nameservers and story goes on and on.

But is it really that complicated?

cheap linux kvm vps

Solution – Chase VPS, demand NVMe disks

Weather you are a startup, or just a new entrepreneur or you are just running several smaller projects, VPS is almost always the perfect solution for you. It’s scalable, it’s fast and it allows you way more freedom than Shared hosting.

Need more power? Go dedicated.

That’s the beauty of VPS, it’s like dedicated, but cheaper. While it’s true that many providers probably oversell resources too much, you definitely have more resources available than with the shared hosting. As a matter of fact, Shared hostings are probably running on VPS machines too.

Now, it’s not like there is no usage for shared hosting as well. You can get your website up and running for a $1. That’s great, don’t get us wrong! If you are a student, and you are not doing anything serious, sure, go with the shared plans, it will fit you well.

But let’s get back to the topic and discuss benefits of VPS plans and explain to you why NVMe matters.

Why VPS + NVMe?

When it comes to hosting, speed is what counts the most. With Linux KVM VPS hosting powered by NVMe disks, businesses can expect lightning-fast performance that translates into faster website loading times, improved application responsiveness, and enhanced user experience.

The NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) technology utilized in these disks allows for significantly higher data transfer rates, reducing latency and improving overall system performance.

Google is going to love you

Let’s be serious, you can’t run a business and not think about Google and organic traffic.

And what does Google like the most, besides the accurate, original and useful content? Loading time! But it’s not only Google, it’s the customers themselves as well.

Just think how much time you have left a website or decided not to make a purchase because website was too slow. I can think of few times. It even affected few of mine Amazon purchases. So speed is definitely an important aspect.

Of course NVMe in combination with good network is what counts. NVMe will not do you any good without a good network, that’s for sure.

Scalability and Flexibility – Say no more

As your business grows, so does the demand and number of website visitors. The more people visit your website, the more they use it and the longer they stay on it, the better hosting you need.

That’s where VPS jumps in as well.

Linux KVM VPS hosting offers exceptional scalability and flexibility, enabling businesses to effortlessly scale their resources based on their changing needs.

World class security

security of cheap linux vps kvm

Businesses must prioritize the security of their data and applications.

Linux KVM VPS hosting provides a secure and isolated environment for your business’s digital assets. With KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization, each VPS operates independently, ensuring that resources are dedicated solely to your business.

Do note, that no matter how secure VPS design is, a lot of depends on you as well. To make sure your VPS remains safe, update passwords regularly, use SSH keys instead of password login, use UFW firewall and Fail2Ban.

While there is certainly a lot more to cover on that topic, the main point is that you are in control. Meaning, your VPS will be as secure as your knowledge on security is.

We protect the hardware, you make sure to protect the software!

Improved reliability

Downtime can have detrimental effects on a business’s productivity and reputation.

Linux KVM VPS hosting guarantees high uptime rates, minimizing any disruptions to your operations. The isolation provided by KVM virtualization ensures that even if a neighboring VPS experiences issues, it does not affect the performance or stability of your own VPS.

Furthermore, the robustness of NVMe disks contributes to the overall reliability of the hosting infrastructure since there is no much danger of disk failure as there is with, for example, HDD disks,

We at ServerLynx take pride in reliability of our services, almost all of our active servers have experienced 100% uptime so far and we are ready to break those records again and again. Every day. Every year.


The power of KVM VPS is undeniable at this point and we are glad to see that KVM VPS with NVMe disks are becoming a standard that is getting more and more affordable to people with all kinds of budgets.

Gone are the days of HDD. While HDD still has many usages, most website owners don’t really need it. If you are not working with a lot of data, go with NVMe and think about all that speed and reliability that you will gain by choosing NVMe.

Take your business to new heights with Linux KVM VPS hosting with NVMe disks and unlock the full potential of your online presence. ServerLynx is waiting for you.

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