How to edit smb.conf in Linux Mint?

This file is really just a configuration file for Samba service. Although we are talking about Linux Mint here, same applies to almost all Linux distributions. Keep reading to learn how to edit smb.conf in Linux.

Samba configuration file is usually more or less on the same spot always and no matter what distribution you are on, you should be able to easily find it and edit it without too much trouble.

How to edit smb.conf in Linux Mint?

But what is Samba?

Samba is like a friendly translator that helps different types of computers talk to each other in a network.

Imagine you have some computers running Windows and others running Linux, and you want them to share files and printers. Samba is the tool that makes this happen smoothly.

Here are some of the things that Samba does:

  1. Sharing Files and Printers: It lets your Linux computer share files and printers with Windows computers and the other way around. So, if you have a mix of Windows and Linux systems in your network, they can all easily share stuff.
  2. Logging In and Security: Samba helps computers from both sides log in and access shared stuff using the same usernames and passwords. It also makes sure that the shared information is kept secure.
  3. Being a Team Player (Domain Controller): Samba can act like a team leader in your network, handling things like who gets access to what. It’s like a boss for user accounts and permissions.
  4. Getting Along with Windows (Active Directory): If your network uses Microsoft’s Active Directory (which is common in big offices), Samba can fit right in and work well with it. This is helpful for businesses with a mix of Windows and Linux systems.
  5. Keeping Things Safe: Samba makes sure that the information traveling between computers is safe and sound. It can encrypt data, making sure it’s like a secret code that only the right computers can understand.
  6. Talking to Everyone: Samba is like a universal communicator for computers. It helps different kinds of computers understand each other and work together.

Okay, how do I edit smb.conf file in Linux Mint then?

We are getting that covered now, don’t worry!

Samba configuration file is most likely located at “/etc/samba/smb.conf“, but feel free to check it by typing the following command.

ls /etc/samba/

If you encounter any errors, it means that you either don’t have Samba installed or that the config files are somewhere else.

To search for smb.conf file on your system, use this.

find / -name "smb.conf"

This should take few minutes, but if the config file exists anywhere on the system, it should find it.

In our case, its where its usually found and easiest way to edit it would be through NANO terminal editor. If you don’t have NANO installed, install it by running this on Ubuntu or Debian system.

sudo apt install nano

Or this to install it on Redhat or CentOS based systems.

sudo yum install -y nano

Now you can use NANO like this.

nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Make the changes that you wanted and save by pressing CTRL + O. To exit NANO editor, press CTRL + X.

After the changes have been made, you will need to reset Samba service, so go ahead and do it.

sudo systemctl restart smbd

In case you are on Redhat and CentOS based systems, this command should work.

sudo service smb restart

Excellent, now you are done

Good job. See? It wasn’t that hard!

Keep learning and never stop asking questions. We hope that you have enjoyed our short tutorial and that you will keep coming for more.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our live support chat.

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