Remmina unable to connect to VNC server

So why is Remmina unable to connect to VNC server?
Remmina is a wonderful tool to use for VNC, but from time to time you might encounter this issue that can be pretty annoying, especially when you don’t know where to look to solve it.

We will go through few possible explanations and try to guide you through the steps to fix it. So let’s jump right to it.

Possible solutions on why Remmina is unable to connect to your VNC server

Solution 1 – Check network connectivity and Firewall

Remmina is unable to connect to your VNC server - chain broken

Ensure that both the client (running Remmina) and the VNC server are connected to the network and can communicate with each other.

Also verify that there are no firewall restrictions blocking the VNC connection. Firewall is too often cause of many issues. Unfortunately, there is no universal way to check and confirm this, it will all depend on your OS.

If your VNC server is running Linux, you can check if UFW is running on it by using this command:

sudo ufw status

If the UFW is active, try disabling it to check if that will resolve the issue. In case it works, we suggest you to check and correct your firewall settigns accordingly.

UFW not installed? Check IP tables!

Solution 2 – Confirm VNC server settings

Double-check the VNC server settings to ensure they are correctly configured. Verify that the VNC server is running and configured to accept incoming connections.

Sometimes, it could be something funny as using the wrong IP, port or password. Make sure you are using the correct information to make a connection.

Solution 3 – Update Remmina and VNC server

Ensure that you are using the latest versions of Remmina and the VNC server software.
Outdated software can have compatibility issues or bugs that can cause connection problems. Update both Remmina and the VNC server software to their latest stable releases.

Sometimes its really that simple while we tend to overcomplicate it and scratch our heads for days.

Solution 4 – Try alternative VNC clients

By trying alternative VNC clients we will be able to confirm if the problem is in your client or the server. Some of the VNC clients that are pretty much as easy to use as Remmina are:

They are all free and open source and should be relatively easy to install as well. Test them out and see what happens.

Solution 5 – Ditch Remmina

Unfortunately, sometimes these issues can be annoying and hard to resolve. We could write a 5000 word article and we still wouldn’t cover it all, there is too much of possible explanations that its just not worth it.

If some of the 3 clients from above worked for you, stick with them and don’t waste too much of your time anymore.

We personally love Remmina and it works very good for us and so we hope that some of these solutions helped you with this issue and made you stick with Remmina.

Feel free to ask Remmina reddit community about your problem and see what they have to say. We are sure they will be happy to help you!

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