VPS for BlueStacks – How to install Android emulator on VPS

Emulators are awesome. Especially Android ones, like BlueStacks, which we will use as android emulator for Windows VPS. They are allowing us to run Android apps on our computers or servers inside the emulated environment. In this article, we will present you our own VPS for Bluestacks and teach you how to install this Android emulator on your VPS.

If your goal is to run BlueStacks on a VPS you are on the right place. By the end of this article, you will have your emulator and VPS up and running.

So let’s get started!

1. Choose perfect VPS for BlueStacks

In our offer we have perfect Windows KVM VPS machines for your needs that will literally blow your mind.

But do note, all this is very much resource heavy.

We suggest you to go with Windows Business plan, since these resources are going to significantly improve your experience. Try it risk free, we have 7 days money back guarantee policy!

While 3GB of RAM($22 plan) can work too, it will be too slow to enjoy the experience. Unfortunately that is how it is with Windows Servers, when combined with desktop environment, RDP and emulated environment, a lot of resources are required for everything to run smoothly.

Just BlueStacks it self requires 4GB of RAM for normal functioning!

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Go here, get your VPS and let’s start configuring it.

2. VPS configuration

Alright, so your VPS is up, now what? How do I use android emulator on Windows VPS?

Our Windows VPS comes with RDP enabled, meaning with the right software you can start your remote desktop session right away. In order to install Android emulator on VPS, if you don’t have one RDP client already, choose some of these from below.

Choosing RDP client

Some of the RDP clients that you can use are:

There are many clients that you can use, we just wanted to list some of the first ones that came to our mind.

So you need one of those on your local computer. If you already have one, excellent! Let’s move to the next step.

Connect to your new Windows VPS using RDP

After you bought our Windows KVM VPS, the details have been sent to your email. You will need IP of your VPS, username(Administrator by default) and password that you made during the checkout.

Use that information to connect to your VPS via RDP and once you are in, you should see something like this.

vps for bluestacks - boot

Enabling Hyper V – Requirement for BlueStacks to work

Click on “Add roles and features”.

vps for bluestacks 2 - config

Keep clicking next.

Now select Hyper-V and click “Add Features”.

enabling hyperv for bluestacks emulator

Keep clicking Next again, don’t change anything else.

Now hit Install button and let it finish.

After that is done, it will probably ask you to restart your Windows VPS. You can either do it through our control panel, or by simply restarting it from the menu.

Wait few minutes and connect to it using RDP again.

3. Install BlueStacks Android emulator on your Windows KVM VPS

You can now close server manager, we don’t need it anymore.

Now we are going to install Android emulator on VPS. Open up your browser(Edge that is already installed on your VPS) and go to BlueStacks website.

Download BlueStacks 5 or BlueStacks X. We will leave this decision to you. In our case, we are installing BlueStacks 5.

install android emulator on vps

Click this to Grant permissions and to restart your VPS.

After this is done, BlueStacks should be ready.

Installing BlueStacks emulator on VPS is completed

After this, go ahead to the store and install any app that you need.

Do note that not all apps will work 100%. Emulators are powerful technology, but they still can’t act the same way as real phones.

In case you have encountered any issues during this process, feel free to reach out to us and our support will gladly assist you.

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